Christmas Traditions

I haven't spent Christmas with my family in about twelve years.  This year unfortunately is no exception.  A typical Christmas day for me consists of busy work, and my annual phone call home.  This phone call is a whirlwind filled with brief hello's, background discussions, dogs barking, people laughing, and me straining to understand what my nieces are trying to tell me.  Things about Santa, presents, funny things Mom or Dad did, and talk of sticks with jam… (Sticks with jam….  A story worthy of its own post…)  Although it's quite a chaotic phone call, I feel like I get to experience a little bit of the holiday with my family.  A brief 10-15 minutes really.  Then it's time to eat.  

Pizzelle Press

My phone call home has become a Christmas tradition.  A tradition that I feel keeps me connected with the holiday Kidder chaos.  Being away for the holidays is hard, and gets harder every year.  Luckily I'm not alone out here.

This year I celebrate my second Christmas with my husband Todd.  I couldn't ask for a more loving, selfless, and supportive man to be in my life.  I love Todd's family and their Christmas traditions as well.  Todd's Grandmother believed that traditions keep us connected to our ancestors.  Which is why Todd's parents sent us a pizzelle press for Christmas.  Todd's Grandma Roma used to make bratzeli cookies every year using a pizzelle press. 

They also sent us the recipe she used.  Grandma Roma must have made these for everyone….  The recipe yields 14 dozen cookies!  I was really excited to try it so, I scaled it down and adjusted it a bit.  Some of you may have been following me on Facebook the other day when I was trying these for the first time.  I put up a rough and dirty video of the first batch of dough I made.  

My mini batch of pizzelle dough…  Which turned out much better than the video I made…

Pizzelle Cookies….  A little on the small side!

That was a really small batch….  But I only had two eggs left in the fridge.  For a first try, they turned out pretty good!  It was definitely all about the timing.  My first two cookies were a little small….  Oops…  But, still delicious.  So, off to the store so I could make another batch.  My second batch was about four times the size of my first.  

Pizzelle Cookies

These turned out way better.  I ended up making about five dozen.  Although Todd didn't help in preparing the cookies, he did help in eating them….  Which I am infinitely more grateful for!  

We ended up giving away about three dozen. We ate the rest.  I love thinking of the generations before us celebrating the holidays with Grandma Roma's cookies.  But, I don't think I need to make or eat another pizzelle cookie until next Christmas.  

I am so thankful for our family and the traditions that keep us all connected.  I wish you all a truly blessed holiday season.

Merry Christmas!!

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